Busy writing….

Today has been a manic rush, 6 patterns to write up, rushing to get everything in. Some are early, granted, but I get a new knee next Monday, so I have no idea how long I will be down for, make hay while the sun shines and all that malarkey. Adding tags to the massive bag of hand spun my dear friend is taking to a wool show in the Lakes this weekend. One bin liner less of handspun in the house, so this tells me I must spin more, seems the only logical thing to do.

And so it begins… well… sort of already happening, but I just decided to tell you all…..

Hey up. I have been meaning for so long to start a blog, but then I thought it was too late, everybody already had blogs, and who really needs yet another blog? I stopped and thought on this matter for what seemed like a long time, turned out to be years, mostly because I was too busy to revisit the idea. Anyhoo, this will be a creative, making and doing, all the little stuff that we get up to at Magpie & Goblin, which some days isn’t much, but other days is chaos. Enjoy. xxspun2